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architect . artist . explorer





What I particulary enjoy is creating


... Buildings

I have worked as an architect since 2003 in different and various offices, working on town planning, architecture, interior architecture, design, furnitures and also for myself.

Modeling is what I do most of the time, so much, that I began to teach to architectural students.


... Things

Few years ago I developed my own brand called Thesixtysixth.

I designed clothes and accessories as well as I created all the graphics and the brand's own identity. 

Then, I started to prototype a big part of my works.


... Now

I use all those techniques and skills in all my works and I keep updated with new methods to create with.

By working both as an architect and in Fab Labs, I can easily make, manage, direct, coordinate, follow up all the projects I am involved in.

That's what I do and like to do.


And since I am also curious about everything, I like to travel and discover new places, cultures, art, techniques and ways of life that inspire and contribute to my works and projects.



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