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This is about a cold story in a warm place. Let's experiment a stalagmite field swung by elements like winds and people who ingulf in this new conceptual labyrinth. This sensitive art installation is about sighting, touching, hearing, smelling, tasting and maybe more…


All is about movements.

Landscape. People.

So people are walking in between those flexible stalagmites.

Stalagmites/sticks are moving too depending on the wind and movements all around.

Dust is moving too, outside and inside the project.

Inside people can see each other or not according to the sizes of the sticks and ways the wind will bring them. Whatever people feel inside or do inside, crossing it is a path. Going outside is a path too because of the way installation takes place in the landscape.


Doing Art in landscapes, which is my favorite focus, is somehow a gift. What people can feel or see is one of the best way to highlight our environment. In this installation I won't use rough or on-site materials but I will use what nature gives to create life in the installation. Working with natural elements and senses is something universal: everybody understand it, this is a commun langage.

This artwork will stand, very organized, in the middle of the wilderness, cold story vs warm place.


I like to work with natural elements in wilderness with the roughness of a site.

This installation "a cold story" takes place in a warm site.

Black Rock City has extreme weather conditions totally opposites to what I'm used to work with. This is what interests me in that demarche:

Snow/Ice vs. Dust

Cold vs. Warm

White vs. Black

Immaculate in the desert

It is always hard to work which on-site available materials especially in the desert. That's why my proposal is to use senses and elements to animate the artwork made with more artificial materials. I follow the will to make interaction between two opposites things:

Artificial Art Work vs. Wilderness

Organization/Planification vs. Natural chaos

Installation vs. Lanscape

People vs. Elements

This opposition is a way to interact with everything you want, like, makes you happy, tells you a story, has a connection with you, with other people, with nature... Take your time, explore, dance, sing, cry, laugh, close you eye, love somebody, feel and live !

WORK in progresS

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